Our Christmas Commitment

vision & values consults does not only have their own special way to work with people, but vision & values is also socially committed.

We believe that the Christmas is losing its original meaning and is used instead for reasons rather trivial. In order to bring back the excitement and distinctiveness of the Advent season we created a project called “singing xmastree”. Starting December 2010 there will be a very special Christmas tree in the city of Hamburg.

Holger Antz (founder of vision & values) has experienced the concept of the "singing Christmas tree" several years ago in Zurich. He decided to give this amazing gift to the city of Hamburg. vision & values was successful in winning the support of several well known personalities of the city including Helge Adolphsen (former head pastor of St. Michael's Church) and Prof. Dr. Hermann Rough (Honorary President of the School of Music and Theater in Hamburg and a former professor of Hamburg University).

More information about this project can soon be found on

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