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    HCM software for HR Performance Management

    Successful Human Capital Management definitely requires more than a digital personnel file – our software displays these requirements modularly.

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    perview in action – in an online demonstration

    Who says that you have to buy a pig in a poke and, already in selection, have to hold elaborate meetings? Get a direct insight into our HCM Software.

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    News and Events - perview HCM Blog

    Up-to-date hints for successful HR Performance Management.

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    Change Management

    Organisations are forced to adapt to the changing markets. perview supports your management in Change projects by special functions and a great deal of transparency.


Technology at vision & values is not static. It is flexible, constructive and respectively fed by the needs of our customers. Our software products are developed in order to better implement your needs and especially implement them in a more systematic manner. To find out more about our software, please visit our product website www.perview.de.

For several years now, the topic of performance management has influenced the classic field of human resource development. This has enriched the previously targeted promotion of employees and their talents in medium and large enterprises with new ideas and solutions. If a traditional human resources system focuses more on the management, compensation and time recording of several employees, then the focal points of future-oriented personnel development are a flexible combination of concepts, measures and contents, which provide the personnel development support through effective software tools.

With the perview Talent Management Suite, we offer a modular system that is aligned to the current needs of the HR performance management. It includes the strategic building blocks of current human resource development. perview is multidimensional, which is a rarity among personnel development systems. Therefore, they only consider and evaluate employees on the basis of a single line profile. perview, however, is multidimensional and relates information from all areas that your employees are involved.

perview is designed for medium and large enterprises and is entirely independent of industry. Therefore, the software can also be used in a variety of markets. perview, however, not only offers medium and large enterprises advantages, but it is also suitable within companies with smaller teams for use in pilot projects. However, perview offers the greatest benefit to organizations with more than 200 employees, even if they have a differentiated corporate structure, such as branches and subsidiaries abroad.

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