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    HCM software for HR Performance Management

    Successful Human Capital Management definitely requires more than a digital personnel file – our software displays these requirements modularly.

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    perview in action – in an online demonstration

    Who says that you have to buy a pig in a poke and, already in selection, have to hold elaborate meetings? Get a direct insight into our HCM Software.

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    News and Events - perview HCM Blog

    Up-to-date hints for successful HR Performance Management.

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    Change Management

    Organisations are forced to adapt to the changing markets. perview supports your management in Change projects by special functions and a great deal of transparency.

Case Studies

Optimierung des Bereiches Private Banking einer Bank

Case Studies

Optimisation of the private banking division of a bank

In a pilot project, we optimised the distribution of private banking using coaching and software for a target-driven personnel development. Our task was to improve the performance of the distribution and standardise the sales process at the same time.


Project duration: 1.5 years

Restructuring of direct sales department of an insurance company

In a politically difficult environment we restructured the direct sales department of an insurance company, by implementing targeted change through consulting, coaching, and software. Our task was to build a team of nationally distributed, individually acting employees, in conjunction with a manager.


Project duration: 1 year

Introduction of a Controlling system in Asset Management

An investment company with over thirty corporate investments in the same industry needed an overall controlling system that could highlight personnel potential as well as problem areas. Our task was to map their system based on our product perview and make the results available to our customer.


Project duration: 9 months

Support change management in the automotive field

A major automobile manufacturer planned to optimise it's service and marketing of its vehicle leasing business in Germany.


Project duration: 1 year

Measurement techniques in coaching an IT distribution

A well-known IT company, which had used coaching as a means of staff development for its sales department and management executives for several years, aimed to apply coaching nationwide due to their great response and results delivered.

To control this rather expensive consulting method better and make results measureable , we were commissioned to provide a method and tool set, to measure the results and success of coaching.


Project duration: 1 year

Process optimisation of a service company

A renowned service company identified significant discrepancies between the design of work processes and actual implementation by employees and intended to launch a regionally targeted staff development project to improve work processes and employee skills altogether. We were asked to visualise the work processes using an IT system and to include employees skills and responsibilities within the processes. The project aimed to identify which HR methods would have the greatest successes in terms of process optimisation.


Project duration: 1 year

European Cargo and Vehicle Exchange

Our objective was to establish and optimise a Europe-wide database information system for freight forwarders, carriers and shipping industry.


Project duration: 2.5 years

Interactive TV Portal

Goal was to launch and implement a corporate vision.


Project duration: 1 year

BMFT, Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, Germany

In a multi-year research project, the BMFT, in cooperation with a renowned consulting company, developed comprehensive standard software for public transport.


Project duration: 2 years

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