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    HCM software for HR Performance Management

    Successful Human Capital Management definitely requires more than a digital personnel file – our software displays these requirements modularly.

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    perview in action – in an online demonstration

    Who says that you have to buy a pig in a poke and, already in selection, have to hold elaborate meetings? Get a direct insight into our HCM Software.

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    News and Events - perview HCM Blog

    Up-to-date hints for successful HR Performance Management.

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    Change Management

    Organisations are forced to adapt to the changing markets. perview supports your management in Change projects by special functions and a great deal of transparency.

Talent Management

Talents are considered to be top performers in the economy, which make a decisive contribution to the company's success and generate a large part of the operating profit in a performance-based manner. The goal of any business is usually to increase its percentage of talent. In order to implement effective talent management, it requires appropriate strategies and IT support.

The competences that a top performer possesses, must first be identified in order to be able to increase them. Talent management builds on top of the company's upstream competence management. The results of the target/actual analysis of competences and skills facilitates identifying top performers as high potentials and fostering their talent for the next meaningful development step. Talent management can be implemented as a continuous or temporary measure, since in many cases, the detected potential is suitable for the next but not for the subsequent career step. Each career step is therefore associated with new assessments of potential.

Our team of trainers, coaches and consultants will assist you with the design, development and implementation of talent management that is tailored to your business. By employing the HCM software perview®, we will jointly identify top performers and create structures that promote the internal network. Thanks to the resulting strengthened dialogue between managers and talents, job-specific experiences can be promoted and managers can be given greater involvement in training top performers. Through targeted promotion, you reduce the risk of losing talent that may be critical to your business success.