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    HCM software for HR Performance Management

    Successful Human Capital Management definitely requires more than a digital personnel file – our software displays these requirements modularly.

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    perview in action – in an online demonstration

    Who says that you have to buy a pig in a poke and, already in selection, have to hold elaborate meetings? Get a direct insight into our HCM Software.

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    News and Events - perview HCM Blog

    Up-to-date hints for successful HR Performance Management.

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    Change Management

    Organisations are forced to adapt to the changing markets. perview supports your management in Change projects by special functions and a great deal of transparency.

Job and career management

The topic of competence management must be accompanied by career and developmental pathways that are comprehensible for all employees in order to take full effect. In order to be able to establish, develop and promote competences, a structure is needed, on which individual employees, but also managers can orientate themselves with regards to the position, development and promotion possibilities. Without such orientation, much of the motivation would be lost and essential management tool would be missing. The HCM software perview® provides the necessary structures to establish a career model. This allows you to map different career models for management, project management or an expert career path, but also visualize job descriptions, the job profile as well as salary information and time specifications. By networking skills management projects with competence management and learning management, the different requirements and measures for job profiles along the career model can be clearly displayed.


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