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    Successful Human Capital Management definitely requires more than a digital personnel file – our software displays these requirements modularly.

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    Who says that you have to buy a pig in a poke and, already in selection, have to hold elaborate meetings? Get a direct insight into our HCM Software.

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    Organisations are forced to adapt to the changing markets. perview supports your management in Change projects by special functions and a great deal of transparency.

The difference between competences and skills

Our experience has shown that a clear distinction should be made between competences and skills for strategic competence management. When we speak of competences, we are referring to soft skills, generic competences, or the way in which a person does something. They are the individual requirements that allow one to adapt to changing conditions in concrete situations, to modify their own behavior strategies and successfully implement them. Competences are primarily mediated in the form of trainings or coaching. A competence that is particularly important for businesses is leadership quality, which can be acquired not only in one's social environment or through mentor programs, but especially through coaching.

When we talk about skills, we focus on the knowledge that can be transferred in learning processes. These are hard skills, professional and object-related qualifications.

Making such a distinction enables a more accurate identification of development potentials and thus a more tailored provision of development measures.